The Wellness Family

Dr. Nick Anthony Kuennen

The Wellness Source is a beautiful healing center located in Glenview, IL. The clinic was created by Dr. Nick and he officially opened his doors in December 2010. In that time, Dr. Nick has had the honor to take care of his neighbors and surrounding community with love & compassion. The space he has created continues to provide amazing care and delivers results!

Dr. Nick loves serving others and inspiring them to make discoveries about themselves through the services he provides. He is committed to the Golden Rule and always delivers his very best.

In his spare time, besides taking continuing education classes and serving his community, he enjoys various outdoor activities. Dr. Nick has been golfing since he was 6 years old and continues to play today. He also likes to go with his wife & take his German Shepard Dog “Omy” out to the woods to play. Meditation and giving to others are very important to him as well.

Regardless of where he is or what he is doing, Dr. Nick is always looking to be of service to others.

Araceli Kuennen

Ara Kuennen is proud to call The Wellness Source home since 2014. She is a compassionate and loving person and enjoys greeting all practice members and guests with a smile. She feels very fortunate to be part of The Wellness Source team and is passionate about health and serving others. She feels blessed to be able to witness and experience miracles everyday, in part thanks to the healing power of Network Spinal Analysis. You will be able to find Ara participating in all roles at the clinic, from office manager to a friendly & caring ear. Ara loves serving her community! She also enjoys practicing Reiki, and using essential oils to support the healing process of practice members.

On her free time, Ara enjoys meditation and learning more about the body-mind magical language and its innate intelligence. She loves spending time in nature and having fun with her husband, Dr. Nick, and their dog Omy and their cat Luna.

Ara truly believes that the beautiful work that is being done at The Wellness Source has the power to transform lives, families and the world!!!


Simona joined The Wellness Source as a staff member in August of 2015. The last few years she was a patient of Dr. Nick?s and loved chiropractic so much that when she was offered the chance to join the team she was thrilled to do so! Simona loves being part of a team that thrives off serving the community in the realm of holistic wellness. She is very passionate about spreading the message of Network Spinal Analysis and all the limitless possibilities that come along with this profound care.

Outside of The Wellness Source, Simona raises her three year old daughter Anastasia who has also been under chiropractic care at The Wellness Source, since she was five months old. She and her daughter love to participate in creative arts together, be active in nature and spend time with family and friends.

Simona?s intention and purpose at The Wellness Source is to create an environment where practice members can reach their highest potential in mind, body and spirit! She feels fortunate to have the opportunity to support everyone in transforming their lives with Network Spinal Analysis at The Wellness Source!

Om “Omy” Kuennen

Omy needs no introduction. He is an extremely kind, loving and tender addition to The Wellness Source team. He is currently in school and studying hard to become a Therapy Dog. His parent?s have shared that he wishes to go to children?s hospitals and retirement communities to brighten their days and promote emotional healing. He welcomes all people and likes his belly rubbed.