Results and Testimonials

Our testimonials are growing by the day, the universal theme that they all share is that they are feeling great in a fraction of the time and feeling amazed at how simple being healthy is!


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This place is Amazing!! Came here because my overall health was in bad condition. I started NSA care with Dr. Nick and within a few weeks I started to feel a whole lot better. I was finally able to get my life back on track. I could rest more easily at night and I felt like I could think more clearly during the day. My health greatly improved in many other ways.
Richard D
Dr. Nick gave me my life back with the use of my hand and arm after just one visit! I had tennis elbow for many years and later developed carpal tunnel. I couldn’t pick up my kids, put my pants on, or drink a cup of tea without horrible pain. I had been to many different doctors (sports chiropractors, Orthopedic doctors, acupuncture, physical therapy, deep tissue massage, etc.), they all said it just took time and to rest it along with weeks of their type of treatment and I still didn’t see any improvement. I didn’t fully understand what Dr. Nick did, but figured what did I have to lose - I had tried everything else. I saw him one time and 6 days later I woke up that morning and I was able to make a fist with my hand. This was something I was never able to do. The next few days, my hand and forearm got stronger and stronger and I had no pain. I even went kayaking 8 days after seeing him. He gave me my life back now able to pick up my kids, mow the lawn and even start to work out again.
Melissa C
Dr. Nick is amazing! I can’t exactly explain what it is he all does. But, what I do know is he work miracles. My son is 3 and wasn’t able to pass hearing test. He’s had a few procedures still no luck. My son had no idea why he was going to Dr. Nick. What he said after we left the very first appointment was “Mom my ears are working” a few days later we had his hearing tested and he passed his hearing test for the first time. Dr. Nick is a very family oriented guy and makes you feel right at home and comfortable. My son LOVE’s going to see Dr. Nick.
Brook L