Raindrop Essential Oil Treatment

Reduce stress and increase energy

We are proud to use and incorporate essential oils into our practice for the benefit of our practice members! Essential oils are gaining popularity in communities throughout the world, and providing a very relaxing benefit to those who choose to work with essential oils. Our office uses Young Living Essential Oils, which is the only AFNOR certified essential oil on the market today! (AFNOR is the highest certification that a therapeutic grade oil can receive).

These powerful oils are designed and intended to work with the body in releasing stress, increasing vitality and energy, increase oxygen into body & the body’s tissues and promote a relaxing and calming effect. People continue to report incredible health benefits from the use of Young Living Essential Oils!

We incorporate essential oils into our practice in a variety of ways! Dr. Nick chooses to occasionally use them with practice members directly during their treatment. When practice members are performing their breathing techniques, they report benefits of breathing easier and more peace.

We offer personal Raindrop Therapy sessions where we apply a variety of selected essential oils directly on the spine. This technique has produced a wide range of fantastic health benefits! And lastly, we have essential oils on hand and provide assistance for practice members to order their own essential oils.