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Network Spinal Analysis – Safe, Gentle, Effective

The reason that Inner Rhythms Chiropractic pursued Network Spinal Analysis is due to the fact that every other healing approach has reoccurring shortcomings of repeating symptoms, conditions & stresses. It seemed that people were getting stuck in a revolving door of ‘Symptoms-No Symptoms’ while this wheel seemed to be getting shorter & smaller – their perception of stress was ever increasing! Thus in 2015, we powerfully chose to provide NSA care as our premiere chiropractic method to serve our community. Since then, we have seen people be able to break free of the ‘Symptom-No Symptom’ wheel & pursue their passions with a body that works! Most modalities are attempting to get ‘something’ to go away (ie pain, symptoms, etc), & where we put our focus is on the ‘Signs of Life!’ The ‘Signs of Life’ are based on a comparison between a living specimen versus a non-living specimen. The signs of life found in a living specimen are: breath, movement, energy, & sound! When someone starts to receive care, typically they have a decrease in the expression of these ‘signs’ due from some form of stress (physical, mental, emotional, & chemical). Stress is damaging to our body, and when we are constantly experiencing stress it causes our bodies to tighten & become constricted. To counteract this phenomenon, NSA supports your body by reorganizing your stress response, & as you progress in care, these ‘Signs’ increase their expression!

1. Breath
When we experience stress, our breath becomes tightened & constricted. People often report that they didn’t realize that they used to stop breathing consistently throughout the day?! Initially, with care, we want to see the breath wave move throughout your body.

2. Movement
Our ability to move & be flexible is reduced with constant stress, and as the spinal stress response is relaxed an increase in natural flexibility is experienced (this has been reported from the ‘unflexible’ to yoga instructors).

3. Energy
Our persistent stress response drains us of energy, that is why so many people feel tired and fatigued. There are many disconnected areas of a body under stress, and this lack of energy causes pain and promotes degeneration. Also, if you look at the ’emotion,’ it can be broken down into (‘e’ for energy & ‘motion’ for movement). When we release stored or disconnected energy, emotions and feelings are also released – something that no other therapy can provide! People have often reported that they have overcome panic attacks, anxiety, depression, nervousness & they have tried psychology, psychiatry, group & talk therapy & the list goes on.

4. Sound
Often times people feel that they can’t express themselves fully (either being Unable or feel it’s not acceptable), and this is stressful and restrictive to an expressed, healthy life. While on the table, it is highly encouraged to allow your body to make any sounds necessary to express health (yawn, laugh, cry, moan, etc).

Network Spinal Analysis

Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) is an amazing effective method of wellness that allows powerful changes in one’s health to be experienced with a gentle approach (no cracking & no popping)! This cutting edge wellness technique supports every person in achiveving a life that they were designed & deserving to have. The principles of NSA care are far reaching & extend well beyond the scope of health care. The design of this care is to allow a person to achieve a state of mastery in their health, as well as their sense of self, relationships, life’s purpose & a more balanced mental/emotional state of being.

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Raindrop Essential Oil Treatment

These powerful oils are designed and intended to work with the body in releasing stress, increasing vitality and energy, increase oxygen into body & the body’s tissues and promote a relaxing and calming effect.

We incorporate essential oils into our practice in a variety of ways. People continue to report incredible health benefits from the use of Young Living Essential Oils!
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Beyond Network Spinal Analysis & essential oils, we also provide other integrative wellness modalities that support the connection of mind, body & spirit. Click the link below to see our additional services!
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