Network Spinal Analysis

Enrich your life with NSA

Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) is a revolutionary method of chiropractic & introduces a brand new model of wellness that uses light, precise contacts along your spine to support your body to feel great & heal! This cutting-edge wellness technique supports everyone who wants to achieve a higher quality of life. The intention of this care is to allow a person to achieve a state of mastery in their health, as well as a renewed & empowered Sense of Self, deeper relationships, finding one?s Life Purpose & increased mental & emotional states! During the initial visits, your body?s stress response starts to relax & your body is now able to begin to heal. People report that they feel energized while improving their stress levels, along with their pain & symptoms disappearing (ie neck & back pain, carpal tunnel, headaches, shoulder pain, cramps, fatigue, insomnia, digestive issues, multiple sclerosis). The beautiful part of this process is that the treatment involves: No Cracking, No Bending, No Popping, No Twisting of the spine & No Therapy! To achieve these results, it is as easy as laying on the table for a few minutes & allowing the precise, gentle contacts to reorganize your body?s stress response!

We hear a lot of our practice members report that they have tried everything out there with no success (our reviews on Google highlight this fact)- only to be blown away by the effect that NSA care has provided them. They came to our clinic as a ?last resort? because everything else was ?more of the same.? We are proud to announce that we are ?not more of the same? and NSA care is something ?out of this world.? The love we feel serving our community with such a profound, unique & effective technique that supports people in achieving amazing health & personal well being!

Reorganizational Healing Through Network Spinal Analysis

In regards to NSA care, the outcome is to have the individual achieve amazing health & wellness while experiencing a different trajectory in their life! This type of care is termed ?Reorganizational Healing?- one is able to develop new responses to their environment in a more favorable & health way (ie people & situations don?t stress them out, old ways of experiencing stress don?t occur the same, etc).?What this provides is the ability to feel amazing, experience peace, relaxation, abundant energy & inspiration while engaging in enhance relationships with a body that works!

Network Spinal Analysis Care Research & Facts

Network Spinal Analysis is the most researched & studied chiropractic technique in the world- with incredible work documenting the ?Respiratory Wave? & ?The Network Wave.? These two waves are discovered & developed at different stages of care, & they provide different benefits as well! Through quantitative analysis, research has discovered that these waves are unique to each individual (quite the same way our fingerprint is exclusively unique to us). These self-corrective & self-healing waves that lie?dormant in people from stress conditioning, is reactivated when someone is under NSA care ? thus enhancing our abilities to self-regulate & self-heal with higher expression!

Peer-reviewed research has revealed that participants who are solely under NSA care have reported a 2 fold increase in self-reported wellness benefits (as opposed to only yoga, meditation, etc). This same research concluded that when NSA care is combined with other wellness modalities (yoga, meditation, etc) the self-reported wellness values were a 3 fold increase (over only yoga, meditation, etc).

Being under NSA care, people report that their life is more enriched, enhanced & exciting as new levels of health & wellness are achieved!

Surprisingly, there are only 300 Network Spinal Analysis practitioners in the world, & only 3 in the entire state of Iowa! To learn more about Network Spinal Analysis & receive a Free Consultation, contact us today.