Meet Dr. Nick

My Journey...

By Dr. Nick Kuennen


I too, was once in your shoes. I too, felt like I was missing something in my life and didn’t know how to grasp it. In fact, this scenario happened to me twice!

Growing up in a little town in Northeast Iowa was a unique and enjoyable experience. Playing with friends, running around our neighborhood until the sun went down without a care in the world. That freedom comes with its bumps and bruises tho! My first crash course in health was early on in my life, where I struck a car with my head sledding-ouch! I quickly lost my health and became chronically ill. I remember as a 4-year-old wondering, “what is wrong with me?” We tried countless drugs and trips to the doctor’s office, waiting for hours in pain just to receive a prescription for an antibiotic that wasn’t working. As the divine plan unfolded, an answer was provided just before the next step – surgery! This answer came in the form of what could be thought of as ‘traditional chiropractic care’- my life was literally saved and my health restored.
Having dodged a bullet, I went on with my life and enjoyed being taken care of by my 2 heroes- my parents. My mom and dad are 2 of THE most loving and serving people I have ever met! My mom has served as an ‘on-call’ EMT for over 29 years! ‘On-call’ meaning that she shapes her normal, working life around being ‘on-call.’ At a drop of the hat, at any hour of the day or night, she has to rush out to a tragic scene and do her best to save people’s lives! At a promising $0.50 per hour, you know she doesn’t do it for spending cash. I always do my best to thank her when she goes out on these calls, it can be a thankless job and I’d like her to at least receive one from me.
My other hero, my dad, who has been a veterinarian for over 40 years and his number one goal has always been ‘The Golden Rule.’ He works tirelessly to serve his farmer clients and animals with the best advice, the cheapest options, the fastest results, and the warmest heart. He risked his life countless times in frightening situations on the farm, all for ‘we gotta get ‘er done.’ He spent extra time explaining to the farmer ‘the why’ behind his advice, how it is best serving them and how it would save them money now and in the future. The farmers would look at him in disbelief because his recommendations would result in them buying fewer medicines and needing less of his services. My dad knew that he was serving the farmer with his very best, and he was also serving God and God’s children with his heart, mind, and hands.
As you can see, being raised by these two amazing role models can definitely shape your viewpoint on how to serve your fellow neighbor. I’m so honored and inspired to carry on their legacy in my life and in my practice!
As I ventured on in my chiropractic practice, another major turning point occurred where I almost died from fatigue and stress! This last ‘brush with the brink’ fueled my crusade to discover the hidden, disconnected truths of how our body creates and uses energy- as well as what unseen/unknown perpetrators that are robbing us of our precious, life-enjoying energy!
This tragedy-turned-triumph has allowed me to help people self-heal from ‘incurable’ diseases and gain freedom from being told ‘to live with it.’ How heartbreaking those words can be! and I vow to continue to discover and reveal new and effective ways to heal naturally and easily.
During this time I was practicing in the Chicago area, both of my heroes became survivors of their parents, siblings and some beloved pets. I could see the toll it was taking on them and I knew I needed to do something.
So I did the only thing that felt right in my heart- it’s time to move back to Iowa and be closer to them! I knew that my unique and cutting edge techniques are THE most effective strategy in supporting our bodies with the energy to process and release stress. This is exactly what my parents need: love, hugs, and healing. So my amazing wife, son, and dog were generous enough to support me and my heroes, uproot our 10-year practice in Chicago and move west!
I’m excited to call Iowa, ‘home’….again!