‘In-Joy’ Yourself

We?ve all done it, an ordinary day where we open up our phones and check something online?.& there it is …a moving story that pushes our buttons just right…next thing we know we are reading the associated comments & planning our perfect rebuttal. We are really going to “stick it to them!” This proves to be a potent combo to play on our hidden irritations and upsets. Our minds start reeling on “how to set everyone straight” on the thread, with the background intention of satisfying our needs and hopefully convincing everyone else to come to our point of view. Quite possibly the definition of “crazy”.

There seems to be an abundance of scenes and stories that are circulating in the media and social networks, near and far, that can easily affect our everyday lives. If we are not careful, these experiences can seemingly rob our peace and joy in the moment. I would like to address 3 key steps to empower our enjoyment in every moment of our lives.

Our peace and joy are ours to manage and watch over, though it is very easy to give them away at the drop of a hat…or click of a keyboard. People often get worked up and upset over others comments and points of view, and this has exponentially increased with all the popular social media channels. I have found myself?with many thoughts and feelings welling up when I read or see something on these outlets. I feel the answer to this problem starts a few steps before ever reading the story and the “peer-reviewed” comments that vary in empathy and compassion. I have titled this sharing, “In-joy”, as I was contemplating the word “enjoy” earlier and some concepts presented themselves to me.

Looking at the word “enjoy”- thoughts and feelings may have stirred up inside of you, most likely pleasant moments in your life. When we are enjoying ourselves, we are usually fully present in the moment, being uplifted with the current situation. Our minds are not engaged in thinking though are fully receiving. We are in full appreciation with gratitude flowing effortlessly through us. In a sense, the blessings of life are being fully appreciated and experienced. There is no judgment, evaluation or right & wrong placed, the moment is accepted in full value.

What if we were willing to extend this perception to every moment? What if we were to trust that this process is going on 100% of the time? This willingness to change our perception can be a difficult feat to accomplish… Now some of you may be saying, what about accidents and the terrible things that are happening to people (you, your neighbors, the world, etc). I know there are painful events that are happening to numerous people throughout the world. A quick & incomplete answer would be that it is just a matter of fact that pain will be experienced on this planet, it is inherited in the current consciousness level of humanity. Often people think that there “should be” a promise of a pain-free life- that ideal is a recipe for heartache. We are not aware of the Soul agreement that is being played out, because that is something between that Soul and God. All over the world, the common foundational spiritual principles teach of “don?t judge”. I realized at one point in my life that God did not appoint me judge of anything, that was a job that I took on myself and I could not handle it- it was burning me up inside. So I quit – haha, a part of me reapplies for the position every day! Though I quit before I get to the interview.

The 1st key is understanding that “the blessings already are”, otherwise known as “Baruch Bashan”. This idea is that all the blessings are always occurring in every moment for our highest divine good and growth as an individual. This doesn?t mean that growth & healing feel good! Sometimes these blessings are painful, though they serve us and guide us in new directions that would have never happened without this catalyst. I stand as an example of hitting rock bottom in every department of life and then finding the abundant beauty in life. I was blind to this beauty that I am now opening myself up to experiencing “in-joy-ment” everywhere and in every moment.

To experience life as a blessing, acceptance is a necessary element, which is the 2nd key. Acceptance is an important lesson in taking life at face value without making it wrong. Acceptance doesn?t mean that you have to agree with what is going on, though accepting it as it is- a perfect expression of the dance called Life. For me, this has been an ongoing healing journey that is getting easier with practice. For a long time, I felt that God was ?asleep at the wheel? with various global events. These topics were causing me deep pain and agony, I was resisting these experiences and choosing to shut off any blessings that were attempting to serve my highest good. As I chose to accept these events for the highest good of all concerned, my pain lessened and my peace and joy were able to grow. Two sub-principles of acceptance is no judgment and no resistance, allowing the mind and internal evaluator to take the day off. By doing this was able to be with life and let it unfold, as opposed to building tension and stress inside of me.

The 3rd Key to ?in-joy-ing? life is to call in ?The Highest Light of the Holy(Great) Spirit?, and ask it ?to surround you, to fill you up, to protect you, for the highest diving good of all concerned.? This resource is the energy behind all things in this physical world. It is the energy that sustains and animates all life and events. By calling this energy in, it will provide an environment around you that will allow Joy to be received and cultivated inside your heart and your mind. As this joy builds inside you, other doors will open to you – internally and externally. You may feel a smile develop from the inside out, you may see other people smiling back at you. Perhaps you realize your brow is not tight and your jaw isn?t clenched, and that tension in your chest isn?t there anymore.
As we become present to how we are directly controlling and causing the state of our lives, our health, and our relationships, we now empower ourselves for a positive change in our enjoyment. It is vital to observe the communication that we get back from these sources & then practicing the 3 keys. By doing so, this will foster healing on many levels for all concerned.
These keys are something that has been taught to me and I have found them to work – that is something that is invaluable, the fact that they work. The caveat is that you have to work them! If you are interested in finding out more, I would recommend looking into John-Roger, and some of his books at MSIA.org.

Barush Bashan

Dr. Nick Kuennen

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