The powerful shoulder stretch that will help you improve your posture and find relief from back tension and pain.

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Listen to what our patients are saying about the results they’ve gotten with our powerful yet gentle approach.

Why book a posture exam?

Booking a free Digital Posture Exam with Dr. Nick will be the most valuable
health assessment you’ll get to help you feel your best. We help you:

Assess Your Posture

We’ll do a digital analysis of your posture and measure any misalignments and/or imbalances.

Understand the Impact

We’ll identify how posture is impacting your health and life and will show you  exercises to start correcting it.

Create a Plan

We will discuss how it would look like for you to get your 1st adjustment and get you on started healing journey.

What they're saying

I've been to a lot of different chiropractors in my day and I have never seen anything like this. Dr. is amazing! He explains everything and you get fast results! He can change your life!
Kathryn Brune
Dr. Nick Kuennen is amazing & really knows how to get people healthy- he is always looking to help people and become better and better! His results speaks for themselves and he gets results..period! Highly Recommend him!
Richard Frank

Great results quickly that last! My posture has improved dramatically, and my body prefers to be in good posture now.

Diane Thompson

Dr. Nick is amazing & very knowledgeable. I've seen him in 3 visits so far & been helping me w/ my torn rotator cuff & torn muscle to avoid having surgery. I hardly have any pain in my arm & can raise my arm up a lot higher than when I 1st saw him. Highly recommend him to anyone looking for answers on regaining their health once again. Take control of your health & see Dr. Nick & you'll be very glad that you did.

Lorita Horkheimer
Dr. Nick gave me my life back with the use of my hand and arm after just one visit! I had tennis elbow for many years and later developed carpal tunnel. I had tried everything else with little results. I saw Dr. Nick one time and 6 days later I woke up able to make a fist with my hand. This was something I was never able to do! The next few days, my hand and forearm got stronger and stronger and I had no pain. He gave me my life back now able to pick up my kids, mow the lawn and even start to work out again. Give Dr. Nick a try! His approach to health and healing is not like others that are out there.
Melissa Korfist Carnes

Dr. Nick is amazing! What he does I can’t explain. But, what I do know is my son is 3 and Dr. Nick got him to lay with his face down and fall asleep. My son was complaining that his ears weren’t working (couldn’t hear) and after his adjustment he stated “my ears work again” he also said that Dr. Nick is his best friend.

Brooke Logue

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