Community Talks


We are excited & honored to share health secrets from disciplines around the world. This information will help demystify solutions to common concerns.The solution is closer and easier than You could think!

Healing Hour with Dr. Nick
Why are these talks different?
After losing his health in his early 30’s, Dr. Nick awoke to a completely different perspective on life.
Since then, he’s learned many different advanced neural and energetic pathways spanning numerous global disciplines. This gentle, simple & effective advice is  always being refined with his evolving understanding and application of health, healing and happiness.
What will someone get by attending? 
A brand new approach to relating to life. Without a doubt they will have a new perspective and appreciation for themselves and the healing journey. They will have practical resources that can be easily implemented the very same day & even while they are at work. This isn’t like anything that has been put together, especially in the Midwest. 
Do you have to become a member of your practice to get value?
Absolutely not. We pride ourselves on learning how to self-lessly serve humanity…one of our goals is for everyone to embrace the magic and wonder that is within them, and these talks speaks directly to that

Topic include:


Finnaly get what all the buZZZ is about


How to turn that frown upside down!


Ever feel like you've blown a fuse? or 10?!


A gentle way to solving your pain


Sustainable solutions to being puffy, bloated and irritable

If you would like Dr. Nick to take part in your event, please let us know by completing our application