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“Great results quickly that last! My posture has improved dramatically, and my body prefers to be in good posture now”
Diane T.

Zach and Bertha found us on Facebook and now they share their initial experience at Inner Rhythms Chiropractic.

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“My husband, our 2 kids and I are practice members. Since I started care, my back, posture and relationship to stress have improved. I have increased energy. I've learned a multitude of things that affect spinal health and vice versa. Dr. Nick truly helps to transforms your perspective on health! I recommend him to EVERYONE!”

Wannette l.d.

We achieve amazing results because we know how to reset the brain & spinal cord together while using advanced, safe & powerful methods! By addressing health in this fashion, we are able to properly and powerfully take care of every cell, tissue and organ in your body. Your brain and spine control every cell and it’s function, and if there is a decreased function in your brain and spine- there will be health concerns. Once these two areas are optimized, healing is a Natural, Normal & Expected Outcome!

If you are looking for faster, bigger & more profound ways to heal- then look no further!
“Dr Nick treats the whole patient... mentally, emotionally and physically. You are not a number in his office. He cares about your well being and teaches us how to care for ourselves.”
Carol k .
“ Dr. Nick is kind and caring, and has not only helped heal my painful upper back and neck, but has also helped me become a much happier person all around.”
Janis N.
“Nothing worked until I started seeing Dr. Nick. Not only is my pain gone but I am now able to sleep through the night and nearly every aspect of my work and personal life have improved drastically.”
Charlie R.

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Kathryn B.

"I've been to a lot of different chiropractors in my day and I have never seen anything like this. Dr. is amazing! He explains everything and you get fast results! He can change your life!”

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