Additional Services

Beyond Network Spinal Analysis & essential oils, we also provide other integrative wellness modalities that support the connection of mind, body & spirit.

Somato-Respiratory Integration

Somato-Respiratory Integration is an amazing tool for supporting people create more peace and harmony in their lives. We instruct people inside and outside our office on how to effectively reduce stress and integrate holistic breathing into their daily lives. The effects are amazing and people receive great value when they apply these principles.

We also have an attuned Reiki healer that incorporates essential oils into her practice. Practice members always rave about how healing and relaxing their sessions are, and are blown away by the insights they receive! Therapeutic stretching is available in certain circumstances as well as at home /in office stretching routines.

With our Wellness Approach, we have found that with the right care and attention to our practice members, we inspire their body & mind to achieve greater levels of health & well-being than previously imagined!