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Reversing Arthritis, Degenerative Discs, and Nerve Pain

Is Reversing Arthritis, Degenerative Discs & Nerve Pain Possible?

Hello everyone, My name is Dr. Nick Kuennen and I am pleased to announce that it is possible and in fact very easy! In this blog post, I’ll be sharing the 5 major reasons why arthritis and degeneration forms, as well as the 3 answers to reverse it!

This is an exciting topic I am anxious to present as my very first blog and look forward to the opportunity to share my heart with the world in the upcoming posts.

The concepts and ideas that I will be presenting are my truth and how I view and approach health and wellness. To be quite frank, it is how such amazing results are achieved at The Wellness Source!

I find it fun to stretch the boundaries of what people think is possible – for the human mind, body & spirit is powerful beyond measure – and it is very fun to ‘play’ with that creative energy that is animating our bodies!

What is Health?

In the 10 years that I have been practicing, and 30+ years of receiving chiropractic & natural care, I have come across many view points on what health is and how to achieve it. If you ask 100 people about what the definition of health is, you will probably hear 100+ answers. This diversity of opinion on health is very interesting and this diversity can be found in the realm of what is possible with healing!

A major healing myth that is very common is,?Someone else has to have healed from this disease/problem before I can do it.?When someone goes to a professional and seeks counsel about our health, they are instructed about their prognosis or diagnosis about their condition.

This is a very critical moment for the patient – which way their mind goes will set them on a path that will influence their life for better or worse. One key thing to remember is that the prognosis the professional is basing their forecast on is based solely on their approach, and the results their patient base has achieved.

So when someone is told that their disease or condition is ‘incurable’ or they have only a select amount of time to live before they make their transition – they must keep this in mind!

It reminds me of a quote by Henry Ford, “Whether you think you can, or you can’t, either way you’re right.” Whatever you think is possible or probably for your health, will determine how much you will heal or what you are able to heal from! This concept can be applied across the board, from cancer, heart disease, obesity, degenerative arthritis, and back pain to name a few – anything is possible as long as the mind thinks it so!

Evidence that Network Spinal Analysis Chiropractic Care can heal and reverse degeneration.

Recently, a 60 year old practice member presented with degenerative discs, bones and ligaments ?in her cervical (neck) spine. There was ligament laxity (loose), degenerative disc disease with ossification, lipping and spurring, the C5 vertebrae was pushing into the spinal column while her C6 was moving forward, in short some major problems. After receiving Network Spinal Analysis Chiropractic Care for 12 weeks, she had some follow up digital x-rays taken at our office. In that time span, she had complete re-alignment of her cervical (neck) vertebrae, while the degeneration, lipping, spurring had started to heal, dissolve & reverse!

Degenerative Disc Disease

This type of result is believed to ‘not be?possible’ in the health care community.

Causes of Arthritis and Degeneration

First, we will review the?5 major reasons?why arthritis & degeneration forms.

1)?Stress?(physical, mental, emotional, chemical) experienced during life causes the central nervous system to go into a ‘Fight or Flight’ response (sympathetic), and when this continues to happen with repetition & time, it causes the spinal cord to be stretched beyond its normal resting length. The nervous system is too delicate to handle this stress for very long.

2)??Tension?is now in the discs and joints of the spine & this stretched position is dangerous and creates a high pressure situation in the spine. Every inch the head moves forward (with forward head stress posture), it weighs an additional 10 pounds!

3)?Abnormal Load pressure?is created and puts excessive strain on the discs, causing them to be squeezed beyond their design.

4)?Time?continues to go by, and the nervous system is being pathologically stretched- thus the bodies tells the discs to breakdown and the bones to change shape to maintain an erect posture & protect the nervous system (thus saving yourself for the time being, albeit the expense of life style & future quality of life).

5)?Feeling?this process form is virtually impossible until it gets to stage 2 out of 3 stages of degeneration. Depending on lifestyle habits, that could take 20-40 years of your nervous system being damaged while the degeneration slowly forms. Imagine how much your health has been effected during this time! Its no wonder that Cancer & heart disease is claiming the lives of 5 out of 6 people!

How to Reverse Degeneration

Now lets talk about the?3 Step process to Reverse it!

1)?Stress Reduction & Integration?is a vital in supporting your body to slow down and heal from arthritis & disc degeneration. View everything in your life as either?giving you energy?or?stealing energy from you! Get present to what you are eating & drinking during the day (inform yourself on the dangers of sugar, flouride, aspartame, etc). Your mental & emotional states are huge indicators of health. Start to figure out how you are sabotaging yourself with stress & make steps to reduce it!

2)?Spinal Health & Flexibility?is essential to have if you want to reverse arthritis. The body must have a healthy nervous system if it is going to direct the discs and bones to reverse arthritis- the body created it and it will ‘undo’ it, once the proper spinal conditions are met. If spinal tension exists, the discs will never be directed to re-hydrate & increase in size (again this ‘miracle’ happens at my office with our approach).

3)?Healthy Diet?is needed to give the body proper nutrients and building blocks to heal from the demands of life! You literally are what you eat and the quality of the fluid in your discs and joints is equivalent to what you put in your mouth, and what you are thinking & feeling on a daily basis!

4)?Time?is required to create these problems and some time is required to reverse them. As you can see by the picture, our approach is capable of reducing that time significantly!

I will always be inviting my readers to our next Free Community Health Dinner, time, date & location can be found on our website,?www.twschiro.com. And you are always welcome to schedule a Free Health Consultation at our office at 224-567-8580?or?info@thewellness-source.com

Take care and dare to dream big!

Dr. Nick Kuennen, Founding Chiropractor

The Wellness Source


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